Wow!  Together we make a difference!

Plenary Session 1 – October 28, 10:00-12:00

Ballroom A

“Every success, every achievement has to first start with a thought, and thoughts are like seeds in a garden… with nurturing and care they grow into reality!” You will be guided through the importance of acting on your moments of inspiration and to deal with your internal dialogue “little voices” as you go!  A team who embraces “CHANGE” and the “NEW” with thoughts like “…what if we succeed…” instead of the fear of the unknown will always go further and realize they have this incredible power to build something better. Be ready to celebrate the success of your common goal and the difference you made through each step taken to build this amazing legacy that will help attract, integrate and retain Internationally Educated Health Professionals to Atlantic Canada.

With special guest Janice Butler

Janice Butler is an internationally renowned speaker, author of “WOW Your Life!”, and adventurer.  Born and raised in Paquetville in the north eastern part of New Brunswick, she then lived in Fredericton, Los Angeles, and Perth, Australia.  She now lives in Bear Island, close to Fredericton. Her past experience as an international corporate seminar leader gave her the opportunity to work with thousands of people around the globe in organizations like Fujitsu, The Boeing Company, Air France and the Australian Government. In November 2005, she developed a collection of motivational and inspirational programs that have been thrilling people in workplaces, associations, and groups across North America.  They are all positively impacted by her refreshing, entertaining, and uplifting style.