YouTube and the Web as an Engagement and Education Medium

October 28, 3:45 – 4:45 - Ballroom A

Table 2

English, Pillar 1-Prearrival

John Leahy, immediaC Worldwide Inc.

Over the last ten years immediaC has worked as a partner with the Atlantic Connection and numerous professional colleges to develop and implement a wide variety of programs to help achieve specific objectives in attraction and education of internally educated health professionals.

Objectives of these programs include attraction and education.    Using multilingual video and online marketing tools like Search Engine Optimization we have created projects that reach around the world in 10 languages. Technology is a powerful medium that can cost effectively help organization reach their goals.    True stories, told in a compelling way, are central to the engagement and effectiveness of online presentations.

Having team members like the CRNNS and Atlantic Connection were crucial to building effective and award winning programs.