The Navigator - IEHP Community Development Officer (Navigator)

October 28, 3:45 – 4:45 - Ballroom A

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English, Pillar 5-Community

Belinda, Woods, PEI Association for Newcomers to Canada

“I greatly appreciate the guidance and advice provided to me” - IEHP Client, Queens County

The Navigator is responsible for reaching hundreds of community stakeholders and organizations, increasing community engagement in the work of supporting new IEHP residents, and providing leadership in the work of creating “Welcoming Communities”.  Within the IEHP Integration and Retention Project, and for any that are seeking increased integration and retention of IEHPs, a Navigator position is highly recommended. 

In addition to preparing the community at large, Navigators directly support IEHPs and their families. Navigators provide direct client services, ongoing settlement assistance, and referrals; while helping new families navigate within their new community.  Navigators play an integral role in lives of IEHPs. They become the primary service provider, a settlement assistant, a community conduit, an emergency contact, and provide reassurance to new families- they are not alone in navigating the many challenges encountered by settling within a new job, new community, and new country.

For this reason and many more that will be discussed today- it is critical that community-based Navigators are in place in your province.  Navigators are certainly the most influential factor behind increased physician retention rates in PEI.

Join us as we explore this position, the role the Navigators play in the lives of IEHPs, the success that have been garnered, and the recommendations that we can provide after five years of experience through Health Canada funding, under the priority:  IEHP integration and retention in communities and workplaces.

“We always remember that you are one of the best things we found in this Island” – IEHP Client, Prince County"